10 Australian Experiences That Will Put Australia On Your List of Favorites

Australian Experiences

“Don’t Worry About The World Coming To An End Today. It’s Already Tomorrow In Australia.”

– Charles M. Schulz.

The quote beautifully captures the essence of the country called Australia- a country of infinite hope, phenomenal dreams, and an indestructible spirit to live life to the fullest. A country so intriguing, it will need more than one visit to satiate your wanderlust of having fully explored it.

From Melbourne to Sydney to Gold Coast, Australian cities are gleaming with gorgeous sightseeing spots, umpteen adventure options, a glorious nightlife, and gastronomical delights. Whether you’re visiting the country for the first time or have been here before, these 10 adventures must be experienced if you want to make the most of your holidays in Australia.

1. Swim Along The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the greatest natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef will leave you speechless with its sheer enormity- it is, after all, the largest reef in the world. Consisting of 3000 individual reefs, thousands of different types of fish and marine animals, the reef is spread over 880 islands populating the area. Snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the rich and colorful corals and marine life is an experience of a lifetime and makes visiting Australia worth your time.

While you’re at it, spend another day in this area to take the Daintree Rainforest Tour- a unique rainforest, which is home to exquisite flora and fauna- some of the rarest in the world.

2. Feeding Kangaroos and Petting Koalas

Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney

Australian wildlife is a major point of attraction for tourists from different parts of the world. After all, how often do you get a chance to feed kangaroos and pet koalas? Arguably two of the cutest animals on this planet, Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney is the most popular place to see these animals.
Brisbane also has the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary- the world’s largest Koala Sanctuary where tourists get an opportunity to spend time with koalas.

3. Wine-ing Away to Glory


Australians sure know their wine and if you really want to know what finesse in spirit feels like- you must visit one of the wineries or vineyards in the country. At most of these places, your glass of wine is perfectly complemented by a scrumptious meal. Beautiful vistas, fulfilling food, and a constant whiff of the fermented grape as you walk along these trails- a winery tour in Australia should be on your itinerary when in the country. The most famous trails include The Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley, and the wineries near Margaret River.

4. The Great Ocean Road Drive

The Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road

Nothing like you’ve ever seen before, the drive to the Great Ocean Road is mesmerizing- to say the least! The vast ocean on one side and lush greens of the region on another, this road leads you to the Twelve Apostles- huge limestone stacks emerging out of the water. As you reach this destination, spend some time sitting by the viewpoint, gazing at the vastness of the ocean- as far as your eyes can go. It’s seldom you come across such places where the destination is as beautiful as the journey or vice-versa.

5. Gastro Delights


If eating great food is your idea of a perfect vacation, Australia will not disappoint. Excellent food choices at every nook and corner, most cities in the country are brimming with restaurants, cafes, street side shops, bars, and pubs offering delectable dishes from varied cuisines like Italian, French, Mediterranean, Arabic, Thai, Chinese, etc. Whether you want to pick a place for a classy dinner date or just want to binge without burning a hole in your pocket- Australia has a little something for everyone.

Seafood fans should celebrate a tad more because it is the most easily available across the country, and no one loves their fish and chips like the Australians. Food trails in Australia are a hit among tourists, especially the ones in Melbourne and Sydney.

6. Wake Up, As The Sun Goes Down

Australian Nightlife

The nightlife in Australia is exceptional, phenomenal, and one of the best around the world. A hub of pubs, casinos, and strip clubs make Australian cities bright as the morning sun on weekend nights, the major hotspots being in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, and Sydney.

Walk along the Central Business District in Melbourne or hit the Fitzroy Lane to experience the best nightlife in Melbourne. Sydney- a city that may seem so quintessential by the day, wins the game when it comes to stripping clubs. From Dancer’s Cabaret to Pure Platinum, these clubs are frequented by locals and visitors. That’s not all- it is also a hub of underground parties in warehouses and venues across the city. Two of the popular ones include Jacksons on George and Scruffy Murphy’s.

The most chilled out of them all- Gold Coast hosts the classiest parties. Surfers Paradise is a one of its major party paradises, keeping in view its vivid collection of pubs and bars; while SinCity, Vanity have gained recognition as the most popular clubs in the vicinity.


7. Mount Buller Experience

Mount Buller
Mount Buller

A fan of snow, are you? Don’t miss out on the Mount Buller experience! Drive from Melbourne to this mountain covered with snow, which is also the place to indulge in winter adventures like snowboarding, skiing among others.

A winter wonderland- the place is covered with snow all along. As you climb to the activity area, you will find restaurants on the way. Stop for a glass of wine or dig into some great food before you sit in the biting cold, playing with snow.

8 . Hike to the Blue Mountain and Say Hello to The Three Sisters

mountain range
The Three Sisters, Blue Mountain

The captivating sight of one million hectares of tall forests, canyons, sandstone cliffs, and waterfalls is what makes up the magnificent Blue Mountains. Explore the native bushland trails, marvel at the remarkable rock formations and traverse through the underground caves. Do not forget to listen to the dreamy stories told by local Aboriginals!

One of the most iconic landmarks of Blue Mountains is Three Sisters Waterfall. Three Sisters is the towering rock formation that constantly changes along with the sun’s position in the sky, casting beautiful shadows and creating a magnificent color palette. This place is known to be a sacred place for the Aboriginals that you can learn about at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre. Blue Mountain is also a great place for adventure lovers who are into hiking and abseiling.


9. What’s Adventure Without Some Adventure Sports?

hot air balloon
Hot air ballooning at Yarra Valley

If Australia’s beauty is not enough to get you excited, becoming a part of one of its adventure activities sure will. Bungee Jumping at Cairns, Ocean Rafting at Airlie Beach, Zorbing in Gold Coast, Skydiving at Byron Bay, and Four Wheel Drive on Fraser Island in Queensland- every city in the country has something to get your adrenaline racing.

However, the most loved and relatively relaxed of all adventures is the Hot Air Balloon, which is the most popular in Yarra Valley. As you reach thousands of feet above the ground, you will be welcomed by unique landscapes and rugged natural features that will make you fall in love with the country.


10. Let Your Childhood Come Alive at the Gold Coast Theme Parks

Gold Coast Theme Parks
Gold Coast Theme Park

Gold Coast is known as the ‘Theme Park Capital of Australia,’ and it is going to be a crime if you miss visiting them on your vacation to Australia. As you visit the Dreamworld, White Water World, and Warner Bros. Movie World, your childhood comes alive with your favorite Disney figures right in front of your eyes. Exciting rides, movie premiers, shops selling everything from toys to clothes- these theme parks offer a holistic holiday experience for both children and adults.
You’ll fall in love with Australia in a heartbeat, and it’s going to be a lifetime before you can move on to something as exciting, playful, warm, and tempting, as this country- the Land Down Under!

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