Bikers Adventure trip to Khunjerab


Sharing one of our friend story who travel to Khunjrab pass ( China Border ) with his friends from Islamabad. 4 Riders, 4 Bikes, Lots of efforts and as we know its not about the destination, It’s all about the Ride. The trip is Organized by Adventure Planners Pakistan.

4 Riders:

Hamid Javed
Ahmed Qureshi
Ahmed Naeem
Haris Ali Shah

4 Bikes:

2 Honda 125
1 Yamaha YBR 125
1 Honda CD 100

Some tips shared by Haris Ali Shah regarding trip to Khunjrab.
1. Please wears Bike Gears ( Knee, Elbow Pads) for your safety.
2. Don’t drive your bike more than 60KM/Hour.
3. Fill up your fuel at Naran Valley, After that till Chillas you didn’t find any fuel station.
4. Change your Engine oil every 600 KM/s for your Bike safety.

Share your story with us! and we promise we will share it with World. Bikes Tours Let’s Ride.

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