Meet proud daughter of Pakistan Gul-e-Afshan Tariq

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An Engineer by Profession and Sportswoman by Passion?
Meet another proud daughter of Pakistan!

Hello Salam! I’m Gul-e-Afshan Tariq, Daughter of Ghazi Major Bashir Ahmed Tariq (1971 War), Belong to ‘Jhawerian’ Village near Sargodha, Punjab. By profession, I am a Computer System Engineer and I did my graduation from College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan which is not only ranked top among the all engineering institutions in Pakistan by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan but also have recognized International reputation.

By Passion, I am Sports Women and I have achieved Commandant’s Gold Medal during my graduate studies. The frequent participation and consecutive successes in sports have proved to be a great motivator in every aspect of my life which has enabled me to groom my leadership qualities for managing tasks strategically in an organised fashion. Therefore, I am a great believer in making the most out of opportunities and taking risks.

From Past 5 to 6 years I am in to sports, I always tried new games like wall climbing, rock climbing archery and so on just to find MY GAME. And luckily two years back I found my game cycling when I participated in National women cycling race and got silver medal in scratch race.

I am National record holder of cycling over 4693meters,-5 temp by covering 1000km in 9 days, Khunjerab (Pak-China Border). The journey had started from Islamabad (sports complex) on 20th Sep 2015, with complete media coverage. And the route chosen for my tour was the toughest in terms of climate, elevations and environmental conditions. I rode from Taxila, Abbottabad to Bishaam & Chilaas (Kohistan) and finally entered into Gilgit, where the KKH lead me to my target by passing through the beautiful valley of Hunza. It was -5 degrees when I was entering Khunjerab, and I had to endure rain, snow fall and hottest temperature along the way. I have covered all the positive aspects of Hunza & Gillgit, which will be shown to the world in the form of documentary.

Trained MMA fighter. Member of National youth assembly and a social activist. Brand ambassador of ‘Ladies of Pakistan’, ‘Pakistan Children heart foundation’, ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’. A motivational Speaker. Professionally working as a Lead Developer and Head of Development Centre in Multinational Company.
This year I was invited by Tedx Islamabad as key note Speaker 2016.After my all activities , my journey was published by all Mainstream media Tv channel’s ,Radio station’s and main blog of Pakistan and also International Media gave me coverage Including Voice of America , CNN, Channel from Netherlands etc.

The life of my Father who is not with us anymore, He was True Hero of Pakistan. He fought two battle’s 1965 war and 1971. While fighting against India in Bangladesh he lost his one leg. The way he believe in his self and move on always motivate me and Give me courage to not lose hope and always do things to make the flag of our country rise.
Previously, I worked as a Project Manager with Multi National Company, Content well where I worked on an International project organised by the Provocation related to E-learning courses on oil and gas plants. Here, I am responsible for the management of the whole project in terms of the budget, team tasks and completion time of all the involved tasks.

My name is registered by Pakistan Record Book.

I recently i did para sailing from dubai , and i am certified para glider pilot of army , i have international cycling Licence from Pakistan Cycling federation.

With my enthusiasm for sports in combination with the engineering and management skills, knowledge and experiences, I believe I have the right combination of skills and qualities that you seek for this position. My strong work ethics coupled with my desire to learn and innovate makes me different from other.
This was my brief introduction with some of my Achievements.

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